Chipotle Peppers in Abodo

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Abodo Sauce Chile de Chipotle Chipotle Peppers in Abodo 340gm La Costena Made in Mexico Smoked Chilli Smoked Jalapenos

Buy Chipotle Peppers in Abodo 340gm from Pepe’s Mexican and experience the true taste of Mexico. We ship Chipotle Peppers in Abodo 340gm Australia-wide. Free pick up in Brisbane.

A chipotle pepper is a red Jalapeño chile, ripened, dried, and smoked through a special process. Derived from the Aztec word meaning smoke, jalapeños are placed over huge pits and smoke is blown through tunnels running underground.
Chipotle Characteristics – A unique warm heat and smoky flavor , chipotles are packed in a red adobo sauce made from lightly seasoned tomato broth.
Embasa chipotles are completely shielded from all the elements during processing to produce an exceptional product. Tan – brown, veined and ridged, they are 5-10 cm (2-4 inches) long and 2.5 cm (1 inch) in diameter. Medium-thick fleshed, with a subtle deep rounded heat, they are excellent in sauces, soups, and as a seasoning for meats and stews.